“God is too big to fit into one religion.”

                                  -- Bumper sticker


DIVIDED BY THE LIGHT: A NOVEL tells the story of a spiritual journey in the life of an atheist. After an unwelcome enlightenment experience, his non-traditional spiritual zeal upends his marriage and spreads discord within his larger family. The principal locale is the fictional college town of Copeland, Indiana, and the plot also unfolds in the Northern Rockies of Montana; Taos, New Mexico; and Paris. Ultimately, this is a novel about religious and spiritual co-existence.

WARNING: THIS BOOK MAY BE OFFENSIVE to readers who hold a fundamentalist view of their religion (Christian, Muslim, or otherwise) and who seek to avoid contact with ideas that do not agree with their beliefs. Militant atheists may find little pleasure in this book as well.

Divided by the Light was written by and for people who occupy the vast middle ground between the extremes of fundamentalism and atheism and who are willing to explore the possibility of the existence of a spiritual realm outside our tangible physical world.

This novel celebrates religious diversity and recognizes the validity of any religion or spiritual belief system that seeks to achieve a connection between its adherents and the world of spirit.

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